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Dyslexia Links has been created to help children, parents, teachers and anyone interested in this subject. According to research four children in every primary classroom has problems with acquiring the skills to enable them acquire functional literacy by the time they go to secondary school.

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Best Selling Dyslexia Books on Amazon

Looking for Dyslexia Books for your child? Dyslexia Action suggests that you check for the following:
• The story grabs the interest of the reader and is relevant to his/her age.
• Look for short sentences and paragraphs – maintains interest and encourage progress.
• Wide margins and plenty of white space.
• Right margins unjustified – to help distinguish between those lines read and those yet to be read.
• Books have pictures or headings or other signpostings to break up text into manageable chunks and check your position on the page.
• Books that are printed on tinted paper.
• Books that are printed in good size and spacing – for example, sans serif font with kerning (the letters are easily distinguishable), and font size of 11pt.
• Books that are well-structured and easy to follow.

Dyslexia Books: These tips should help you choose a suitable book for your child

Dyslexia Symptoms

Worried that you, spouse or child suffering from dyslexia? The most common dyslexia symptoms are:

  • Reading difficulties
  • Spelling problems
  • Poor handwriting
  • Poor concentration
  • Poor mathematical skills
  • Memory lapses
  • Poor balance
  • Clumsiness
  • Poor sporting ability

Do you feel?

  • A feeling of helplessness
  • Frustration for child & parent
  • Fear & anxiety of learning
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feeling of underachieving

Dyslexia Test – Different Types and Helpful Advice

Why the need for a dyslexia test? Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects quite a few students. Though it is such a common learning disability, it is the least understood outside professionals. So to make it easier to understand and diagnose the condition, this test is available online.

Though there is traditional dyslexia test you can answer with your psychologists, these online test has grown in popularity for the many benefits it offers. This test can be answered from anywhere, in a matter of thirty minutes. They are designed by professional educational psychotherapists and psychologists, and can thus be trusted.

With an online dyslexia test, the client usually answers them in complete isolation as they take the test alone. This way you can find out exactly how and where a person stands in their learning disabilities, and thus decide if you should approach a psychologist to treat your condition.

Online Dyslexia Testing: A much cheaper option

Another benefit of online test is that it is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional test. They usually cost about fifty dollars, in comparison so the hundreds of dollars you have to pay for traditional test.

These dyslexia test are basically reading test which help decide the client’s ability to read words and their ability to understand words. They are found either in the timed or untimed version.

The most popular test is the Woodcock Johnson Word Attack tests that are composed of nonsense words. As the client may not have seen these words before, they cannot read them from memory.

The client has to read from a list of increasingly difficult words, and once they mispronounce five words consequently, the test stops. The test usually consists of 26 words starting with nat and ending with depnonel.

Dyslexia Test for reading fluency

The grey oral reading dyslexia test tests the reading fluency of the client through speed, accuracy, fluency comprehension and overall reading ability. The client’s fluency is checked by measuring the time it takes to read a passage and the number of mistakes the client makes. Even questions on the passage are asked where its responses are noted and an overall score is given.

The Gates-MacGinitie reading test consists of vocabulary and comprehension parts that can be completed within an hour. The vocabulary part is centered on the word knowledge and takes twenty minutes to answer while the comprehension part has 48 questions that take 35 minutes to answer. This dyslexia test is multiple choice test.

Make a final consultation with your psychologist

The Linda Mood Auditory Conceptualization test is rather interesting as it tests the client’s ability in distinguishing and manipulating sounds. The test for dyslexia lasts thirty minute where the client has to represent the sounds they hear using colored blocks.

If the word they hear has two letters, they have to choose and correctly place two blocks together. And if the word has three or more letters, they have to correspondingly place three or more colored blocks in the right order.

After answering all these dyslexia tests, based on the results, you will have to discuss your case with your psychologist. You also have to discuss your case with your family as their support is required to help you conquer this learning disability.

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